The World of Dinosaurs

The World of Dinosaurs - Learning, drawing, quizzes, origami and animation making all in one fun book!
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Over 65 million years ago, these fantastic creatures ruled the earth. Today, the total dinosaur experience is here in The World of Dinosaurs!

This fantastic book on dinosaurs is divided into five fun sections:

GLOSSARY: Learn all about the dinosaurs: where they lived, what they ate, and why they became extinct. The cool picture glossary contains vital statistics for over 70 fascinating dinosaurs.

DRAWING: Everyone can be an amazing artist. With these easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions you can draw 14 mighty dinosaurs, from a Stegosaurus to a Tyrannosaurus rex.

QUIZZES: How much do you know about dinosaurs? Find out as you test yourself with over 100 fun dinosaur facts... or are they fiction?

ORIGAMI: have hours of fun folding awesome dinosaurs, including a flying Pterosaur and a vicious Velocitator! Printed origami paper is included!

ANIMATION: Bring dinosaurs back to life! Learn how to plan, shoot and produce your very own clay animation movie.


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The use of this fun book may assist in the positive development of:

              - fine motor skills

              - manual dexterity

              - eye-hand coordination

              - the recognition of colours and their differences

              - the writing grasp

              - broadening and enhancing vocabulary

              - strengthen and improve comprehension

              - strengthening problem solving skills

              - strengthen and improve the child's concentration, visual discrimination and observation skills

              - greater imagination, co-ordination, visual and mnemonic skills


Suitable for children 6+ years

Pages: 192



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