Up, Up and Away! - A Bedtime Shadow Book

Up, Up, and Away! - a Bedtime Shadow Book - by Heather Zschock.
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I went to the beach to fly my new kite, I let out the string and held on so tight!
Follow the kite, through lyrical rhymes, on its journey Up, Up, and Away! -- past birds, planes, clouds, and more.
Up, Up and Away! is a bedtime shadow book by Heather Zschock with wonderful illustrations by Martha Zschock. This book brings the joy of reading with the fun of illuminating the stories images on the bedroom wall. Simply shine a beam of a light through the pages 'windows' to cast pictures on the wall as you read with your child.
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For best results, use this shadow book with a small, single-bulb light source. For example, a small pen light, a single-LED light, or the light on the back of a smartphone. Multi-LED flashlights are not recommended.
If you have trouble getting a clear image, try moving your light closer to or farther away from the page.
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The use of this fun book may assist in the positive development of:

               - fine motor skills

               - manual dexterity

               - eye-hand coordination

               - the recognition of colours and their differences

               - broadening and enhancing vocabulary

               - strengthen and improve comprehension

               - broaden their understanding of light and its properties

               - strengthening problem solving skills

               - strengthen and improve the child's concentration, visual discrimination and observation skills

               - greater imagination, co-ordination, visual and mnemonic skills

Suitable for children 3+ years
Pages: 7
Ring-bound with hardcovers


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