What's in a Valuation

To complete an accurate assessment of each item of jewellery, Roslyn uses the most relevant gemmological equipment and testing techniques to aid in determining the composition of metals (eg 9ct or 18ct gold), the carat weight of gemstones and identifying gemstones.

A valuation is then produced with the following elements:

1. Statement of purpose for the valuation. For example, whether the valuation is being used for insurance purposes, private sale or divorce settlement.

2. The name and address of the client, the date and valuation number.

3. The metals composition

4. Full description of the item(s) including total weight of the item(s)

5. Gemstone details including approximate carat weight, colour and clarity (if relevant)

6. Coloured images of the item(s) from various views.

7. Total amount in Australian Dolllars including all relevant taxes.

8. Signature and NCJV Registration number.

 Coloured Gemstones