The Little Koala Who Lost His Tree

The Little Koala Who Lost His Tree - by Jedda Robaard. Lift-the-flaps and help Koala find his home.
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In The Little Koala Who Lost His Tree, can you follow the adventure and help little koala find his missing tree? A brand new all-Australian title in the best-selling Little Creatures series. Featuring interactive lift-the-flap elements so that children can help in his search. This engaging book contains gorgeous watercolour illustrations from the amazing Jedda Robaard.


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The books lift-the-flaps may also be helpful for children with dexterity issues by assisting them develop their fine motor skills when lifting the flaps.


The use of this fun book may assist in the positive development of:

               - fine motor skills

               - manual dexterity

               - eye-hand coordination

               - broadening and enhancing vocabulary

               - strengthen and improve comprehension

               - strengthening problem solving skills

               - strengthen and improve the child's concentration, visual discrimination and observation skills

               - greater imagination, co-ordination, visual and mnemonic skills


This hard-cased book is suitable for children 3+ years

Number of Pages: 10



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