Scratch and Sketch - Dino Dudes

Scratch and Sketch - Dino Dudes - A trace-along art activity book for dinosaur lovers of all ages.
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Take a journey back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Dig up fun facts about these Dino Dudes as you trace over the sketches of 20 awesome prehistoric dinosaurs. Use the wooden stylus to trace along the white outlines of each Dino Dude. Scratch the white lines away and watch the pictures come to life in colourful swirl patterns or glittery foil. You can also use the sketch pages in the back of the book to draw your own pictures of your favorite dinosaurs.


Book Scratch and Sketch Dino Dudes1

Book Scratch and Sketch Dino Dudes2


The use of this fun book may assist in the positive development of:

               - fine motor skills

               - manual dexterity

               - eye-hand coordination

               - the recognition of colours and their differences

               - the writing grasp

               - broadening and enhancing vocabulary

               - strengthen and improve comprehension

               - strengthening problem solving skills

               - strengthen and improve the child's concentration, visual discrimination and observation skills

               - greater imagination, co-ordination, visual and mnemonic skills

Suitable for children 5+ years
Number of Pages: 60
Contents: - 10 x black-coated glitter pages

               - 10 x black-coated rainbow pages

               20 x drawings of dinosaurs with informative text

               - 20 x extra pages for doodling

               - 1 x wooden stylus for drawing 
NOTE: The non-toxic coating

               - has the potential to be an eye irritant. In case of accidental contact, flush eyes with water.

               avoid inhaling particles of scratch coating. Use in a well ventilated area.

               - not for children under 5 years

               - meets all applicable safety standards


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