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There is one thing I believe everyone needs and that is a companion from the animal world.

We rescued our little dog Angus on New Years Day 2012, he needed a new home where someone could look after his coat and keep those nasty grass seeds from getting into his skin. Angus is a wonderful dog, as with most small dogs, his personality is bigger than his size and no noise on the other side of the fence stands a chance with that 'big' guard dog bark!

Angus McKenzie


On a more serious note, we were looking for a dog that we could use as a companion animal for my son who has special needs. With some searching we found a special dog who needed a little help himself and in return we now have a dog that is a great companion for both our children.

Animal lovers everywhere will agree with me when I say:

That there are some people in society who do not understand the power of an animals love for its owner and its family.

This love is:

  • unconditional
  • it is therapeutic
  • it is devotional and
  • it comes with an enthusiasm that is there every time you see them.

What a wonderful thing this is!

Hence, seeking a dog that could teach my son so many things without having to say a word was something that required no hesitation.

The Pet Tag Range

This range of pet ID tags I have designed and handcrafted myself. These tags are fun and come in a range of materials to show your companion(s) how much you love them and for those who wish to spoil your four legged friends with a sterling silver ID tag you may even accessorise your tag their birthstone or perhaps with a \'bling\' stone!

All tags come with FREE engraving.

Please have a great time picking the perfect ID Tag for your Pet !

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If there is a design that you would like made and can not currently find on the website please click on the following link to place your request in the Contacts message area.