Questions asked about the Jewellery for People & Pets range

1. My dog has lost many ID tags in the past, how does RozArt™ Pet Tags compare?

All RozArt™ Pet Tags come with a strengthened stainless steel split ring. These strengthened split rings are a lot more solid and sturdy than those found on many of the commercially available pet ID tags found in the market today. At RozArt™ we have purposefully sourced a manufacturer of split rings with a high quality product. Therefore for those who are worried about losing their beautifully handmade and customised Pet ID tag, your dog or cat should not loose it when involved in normal everyday activities.


2. Are the tags handmade or mass produced?

All RozArt™ Tags are designed and made by Roslyn within her workshop. Therefore all tags whether they be for People or Pets are all completed by Roslyn from start to finish. Therefore they are made with the utmost attention to detail and completed to Roslyns' high standards.


3. The writing on my pets ID tag has worn off too easily, will this happen with a RozArt™ Pet Tag?

As the tags produced at RozArt™ are handcrafted by Roslyn, she checks each piece individually and ensures that the name of your beloved pet and the phone number(s) are engraved deep enough into the chosen material (hardened plastic, brass, stainless steel or sterling silver). Some commercially available tags are only laser inscribed onto the surface therefore it does not take much time for the information to become worn off.


4. What materials are used to make the Tags?

There is a choice of four different high quality materials. These materials are hardened  plastic, brass, stainless steel and tarnish resistant sterling silver. Rozart™ Tags can also be made in gold upon request. Each of these materials are hand picked by Roslyn and are a minimum of 1.2mm in thickness. All sterling silver pieces that are set with a stone from the Birthstones or 'Bling' stones range are set within material that is a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness.


5. What is tarnish resistant sterling silver?

Normal sterling silver is quite susceptible to becoming tarnished, that is, turning brown to black only after a short period of being exposed to air and/or acidic skin. Therefore, it needs to be polished quite often. Tarnish resistant sterling silver is used by RozArt™ as it has be made to tarnish at a slower rate and therefore it looks nicer for a longer period of time and does not need to be polished as often.


6. What type of hardened plastic are the tags made of?

The hardened plastic used to make RozArt™ tags is a marine grade hardened plastic. This means the plastic was developed to be used for signage on ships and other sea fairing vessels. Therefore the plastic has been designed to be light weight, scratch resistant, fade resistant and of course can cope with being immersed in salt water.