Balloon Ball - Red and Blue with Spots

Balloon Ball by Rainbows and Clover - Red and Blue with Spots
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You can kick it, roll it, throw it, catch it, bat it, swim with it, roll on it ... and you can even bounce it!

Rainbows and Clover balloon balls are the perfect travelling toy - small enough to fold up inside your handbag, backpack or baby bag, all you need is one balloon, and one Red and Blue with Spots balloon ball cover to ensure hours of endless play.


Ideal for:

             - children living in an apartment or small space, or playing around on the patio or balcony

             - kids who are frightened of balloons popping in their face - no problem with the balloon ball!

             - travelling - in a hotel, staying with family, at the park, the beach, in a swimming pool

             - indoor play on a rainy day


They're a new design of an age-old toy, and have been re-developed in conjunction with a physiotherapist.


The use of this product may assist in the positive development of:

              - gross motor skills - kicking, rolling, throwing, bouncing

              - eye-hand coordination

 Balloon Balls

For a fun eye-hand coordination game, tie a string to the balloon ball and hang it up where the child can then try and catch the moving and swinging ball.


How to Use the Balloon Ball:

            - Ensure you blow the balloon up inside the cover until you think you can get no more air in - and then blow

              a bit more. The tighter the balloon is blown, the better it will bounce and the longer it will last.

            - Tie a knot in the balloon and away you go!

            - When the balloon deflates, just put in another one. Play with it over and over again...

            - Helium gas can be used to inflate the balloon.

            - When the cover gets dirty (remove the balloon) place it in the washing machine on a cold water cycle, the

              allow it to line drip dry.




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