Senseez Vibrating Pillow - Blue Square

Senseez Vibrating Pillow - Blue Square. One pillow, many benefits!
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This colourful, lightweight, fun-shaped vibrating pillow offers a gentle vibrating sensation when they are squeezed or sat on, that is relaxing, calming or soothing the body.


The Seneez vibrating pillow may assist children who have difficulty sitting, concertrating or completing tasks. For example - when having meals, going on car rides or shopping trips, doing school work, watching movies or reading stories.


Kids that have trouble falling asleep may also enjoy the vibrations of the Seneez pillow as they are soothing and relaxing.


While they are great for any kids with energy, the Senseez sensory cushions make ideal special needs cushions, especially for children with

      - autism

      - anxiety

      - ADHD, or

      - sensory processing disorder.


The vibrating cushion may calm children who need more sensory feedback and may also assist hypersensitive children to tolerate more sensations.


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The pillows are small enough to take anywhere and are made just for little bums!


Lightweight and portable, they also have a vinyl surface that is easy to clean! (not to be used near or submerged in water as the pillows and vibrating device within are not water resistant)


Recommended for children 4+ years (contains small parts)

Size: 25.4cm x 25.4cm x 7.6cm

Weight: 360 grams

Requires: 2 x AA batteries (for vibration unit) 


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Safety information / Disclaimer: Senseez vibrating cushions are not a medical device and should not be used for medical or therapeutic purposes. They are not waterproof and should never be used around or submerged in water. The vibration mechanism emits a noise that may not be suitable for some children. Each child will respond differently to Senseez. Senseez are not toys and caution should be used when they are treated as such. Senseez are intended for use with children ages 4+ with parental supervision. While they are designed to ensure safety, Senseez is not responsible if any contents are ingested or misused, or for injury resulting from electrical components.



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